Does latest motherboard bios important for system performance?

Hey i want to ask that is latest motherboard bios important for performance bcz one person told me about that i have doubt can you guys please clear this doubt…

It can, but not necessarily.
It depends a lot on your hardware.
Usually it fixes bugs, adds compatibility with new ram, cpu e.t.c
But on occasion it can also improve performance.

Take a look in the support section on the manufacturers’ website. They usually give some info on what the bios/uefi update incorporates.

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it is just saying that new cpu supported no improved performance or that

Then there’s no real “need” to upgrade the uefi/bios.

thnx brother for your reply

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If new BIOS supports faster CPU or more memory then yes, it does affect performance a great deal. On a laptop where CPU is soldered in, not much usually happens although some glitches may be fixed. Often, I find no difference to any processes and fixes as I never encountered any parameters that would need the updated BIOS

You should update your BIOS firmware regularly in order to ensure smooth performance of yoir computer system and also it would help you to keep your system secure by applying updates .