Donate to IT's FOSS

IT’s FOSS helped me many times to be more productive with my linux machine. Does It’s FOSS accept donations? If so would love to know the link.
Thanks for all the support in 2020…

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Hi, thanks for your support!

You can choose to donate here:

In addition to that, you can also check out our sister site (which includes minimal ethical ads and relies on memberships/donations), in case you didn’t know :slightly_smiling_face:

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Do you accept in Indian Rupees or US Dollars only. I can’t send you US $, have no such account; only basic Indian bank account.

You can use your debit card to create a PayPal account and make a transaction. Or, you can directly use your debit card and the amount will be automatically converted to Indian Rupees when you make the transaction.

Do note that you need to have International transactions enabled, otherwise it may not go through.

As I said, I have a basic Indian savings account. No international enabled debit card, no Pay Pal account. Wikipedia asked for donation in Indian Rupees; hopefully, they got an adequate amount in Indian Rs from me.

Didn’t work for me. Tried Paypal as well as debit card. One of them gave out a message that the merchant does not accept your currency (ie INR)

In that case, I don’t think there’s a way for transaction. I’ll let you know if we have regional support for donations.

You will have to contact your bank. I have a debit card as well and both Paypal + card method works for me.

@Arvind and @yashpal

For now, there is no local option for INR on Ko-Fi for It’s FOSS. Buy Me a Coffee has both PayPal and Stripe and I think Stripe should accept global currencies but I cannot confirm that.

One of our plans for 2021 is to have a more integrated donate option on It’s FOSS, specially with the new It’s FOSS News portal.

We’ll keep you informed. Thank you for showing your interest in supporting It’s FOSS :slight_smile: