Download iPhone photos to Ubuntu 18.04

Hi all, try as I may I cant download my pics from my iPhone 6 to my laptop with Ubuntu 18.04. It keeps telling me that the phone is empty, no pics,no videos.Is there a solution to this ? Thanks.

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Do not have an iPhone, but found this on the web.
[How do I access iOS camera pictures on Ubuntu?]

The solution. :+1:

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Perhaps you could do it through Bluetooth? - don’t know don’t have a mobile telephone and take pictures with a camera - sorry can’t help you

Thank you, but Bluetooth will not pair with my laptop, don’t know why.

Thanks easyt50 for the link but I can’t get that to work, I guess I will have to tote my camera around and forget the phone.

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The only other solution I can think of is to use a USB cable to import them. I don’t know if the phone has a USB capability - if it does that would be the simplest solution.

HI, I can’t import them either, here is what I get from Shotwell when I try, thanks.

Did you already search for this specific error?

HI Akito, no I don’t know where to look.

I don’t have an iPhone to test it but do this test:

  • Connect your iPhone to your laptop
  • Open Nautilus and unmount Camera
  • Open Shotwell and try to access to iPhone

Please give the feedback if it results to access to your photos


Hi Tech_JA, I did the procedure you suggested and I still get this:Screenshot%20from%202019-09-13%2006-11-12

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Would it be possible to upload your iPhone photos to a Cloud service, then download the photos to the Ubuntu laptop from the Cloud?


Try putting the i-Phone in usb mode…It should show up as a drive in your computer’s file manager. Then drag the images to a folder of your choice. Do this as often as you take photos: i-Phones with +k images on them take a looooong time to transfer.

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That just worked for me! I had to unmout, open shotwell and then I plugged the usb charger into the phone. The pictures automatically loaded then. Thanks.

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Thank you all, I did the same thing as Jamesread and it worked fine.


if you have the time to mark a post as the solution, that would be helpful :slight_smile: otherwise i can swing back around after a bit and do it.