Download links are switched

Foss the link to download Peppermint 8 redirects to Peppermint 10 download instead, can this be fixed? I wish to download Peppermint 8 which has the cromium browser. The Peppermint 10 has the Firefox browser I dislike.

It might be easier to just install Peppermint 10 and then install Google Chrome on it.

Or Chromium:

No thanks my experiences with Firefox browser is those spooks behind the scenes constant interfering which occurs on facebook lots. The cromium in peppermint 8 gives me freedom from those interferences.

Anything to do with Firefox browser is not good in my experiences and that includes google chrome.

You have been given possibilities to download Chrome related products. You can then remove Firefox. I cannot understand how that would interfere with your Chrome experience, once Firefox is entirely removed from the OS.

Additionally, Firefox is not related to Facebook.

So do not use Chrome or Chromium. Use Firefox.

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Or how about the Peppermint 8 download link like Foss says… and not be redirected elsewhere?

Mhmm, no what’s the point of using an older distribution when you can use a newer one. I am sure there are good reasons Chromium is missing from the newer version.

You bet there are reasons for it missing because Big Tech hogging ALL operating system which makes me sick of the greed of these tech companies

So I will do it some other way

Actually I would be curious to know what are these

I have no idea what that might be.

However, you can hardly blame anybody from itsfoss and much less a person who is trying to help you if the maintainers of a certain distribution remove outdated versions from their archives.

If this behaviour angers you, you should probably consider taking it out on said maintainers or simply choose another of the 100+ distributions.

In any case, I don’t know a single distribution which forces you to use a specific browser. They all have one or the other installed by default, but, as @Akito rightfully pointed out: The freedom of choice is always yours. Linux is free and open.

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You are talking about this link:

It is an old article about Peppermint OS version 8 which is based on Ubuntu 16.04. The download link was basically to the download page of Peppermint OS. Since the current version of Peppermint OS is version 10, the download page features the version 10.

Even if you somehow managed to get version 8, it will be outdated next month as Ubuntu 16.04 reaches end of life.

I suggest sticking with Peppermint 10.

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It’s okay, I downloaded this peppermint 8 long before it got transposed to the 10 os, and it doesn’t matter if it outdates, or whatever these overlords at big tech say, if it actually gets outdated at all. What I dislike about operating systems that big tech takes over, which is mostly all of them, is that the browsers they force you to use is their disgusting porno adverts they have on their browsers. I will stick to peppermint 8 and it will last much longer than the big tech companies will, they are on their way out, any way.

I cannot stop myself from being frank enough to say that I am 100% convinced that there is no point in trying to support someone who expresses such narrow-minded point of views, especially in the context of F(L)OSS products, on which thousands of volunteers have worked on since literally decades. You are basically saying that all or most of those people who sacrificed countless hours for free to improve a FOSS product are pretty much just the minions of “big tech”.
Sorry, but I can’t imagine a way to be farther from the truth in this specific regard.

Since we are, from your point of view, part of the whole “big tech” structure, I do not see a point how we could possibly help you, since we will only tell you anyway what “big tech” is telling us to do. Right? OK. :+1:


The persuasive value of information is often greatly overestimated, but I’ll try anyway:

  1. Porn adverts are not delivered to you by your browser but by the websites you visit.
  2. Neither PeppermintOS nor the Mozilla Corporation have been taken over by “big tech”
  3. OS system updates not only introduce new features, the also fix security holes.