Downloading windows Garmin heart monitor?

I am thinking of switching to Linux from Win 10 but I am wondering about my Garmin downloads ?

  Anyone tried this ?

Are you talking about an app to sync your heartrate monitor with Garmin online?
Don’t know, if that is going to work.
Usually these compynies only have Windows clients (sometimes a Mac client too) but don’t care about GNU/Linux.

A quick serach has brought up this wiki page (german) on how to upgrade the firmware of specific Garmin devices.
And here a (slightly older) question with answers.

I have a situation like this by myself.
I own a TomTom naviagtion device.
There’s only a Windows client to update the device/card data…

Only way for that is either use a Windows PC just for this case (or dual-boot) or try with a Virtual system on your GNU/Linux box…

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Is more than enough for a single app you use sometimes.

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No problem I can understand German and Dutch .

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I asked Garmin about the mapping product last summer and the answer was no asked any plans and answer was no

But you can mail direct and ask them yourself on the idea that the more that ask the better chance we have

It’s really bizarre as the Garmin system is written and based on Linux… hmm

The company offer several heart based measurement products so it’s difficult to answer with a general yes or no hence the contact the supplier

You can install wine on Linux and that does give some applications the chance to run

But not all the other option is to run a windows session on Linux but this can be complex to set up and gives mixed results