Driver, urgently needed

Urgently need PPD Driver for HP Laserjet Printer P1005. HP website no good, as has been my web searches. Will some kind person PLEASE give me a link to download the ppd driver ONLY. THANKS in advance.

Did you try HPLIP? It is most probably in the repos of your distrib.

If you did try it, but did not work, you may need to remove ippusbxd.

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Thanks for the reply. HPLIP was of no use, nor was HP site. The “ippusbxd” not in my computer.

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Your printer seems to be on the list:

Check if you have either ippusbxd or ipp-usb package installed?
This caused me problems with a HP printer in a case…
There the fellow had ippusbxd installed (part of default install on Ubuntu), and it conflicted with HPLIP.
Purged ippusbxd, purged HPLIP, then afterwards reinstalled HPLIP, and printer started to work.
Also make sure, the USB cable you try to use is OK.
I can’t help more than this :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply. Yes, I’ve been to the list, and, clicking on that printer shows, “Page not found
The requested page “/laserjet/hp_laserjet_p1005” could not be found.” Also, after advanced search, my computer, neither r ippusbxd or ipp-usb package shows up. My hplip v is 3.21.8.

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dpkg -l ipp*
Doesn’t return a line starting with ii?

I would try this:

  • disconnect printer
  • sudo apt purge hplip*
  • sudo apt install hplip-gui
  • reconnect printer and switch it on
  • try to set it up again
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Thanks for the reply.Will give it a try.

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