Dropbox on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Has anyone managed to install Dropbox deb in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS or has the community introduced an installation guide yet?
Perhaps it’s just early days. There is a download available in Ubuntu Software but a quick look at installing it seemed not to work - the version listed is 2019.02.14 and one review (22/04/2022) suggests that it no longer works whilst others suggest that it continues to ask for upgrades.
Would appreciate any advice

try the apt in this post deb-get
I haven’t tried it on 22.04 yet but works on other versions.
you may have to use xorg instead of wayland though?

Based on my experience with dropbox in Debian, I think you may need to start the daemon (dropboxd). Doing the install does not start the daemon in Debian

I’m currently trying out Voyager, a respin of Ubuntu 22.04. On seeing this question, I shifted work areas, invoked the Software Boutique, and installed Dropbox. A dialog box took me to the website, asked me to sign in, and I was in business. The Dropbox folder was created, the folder was populated from the cloud, and the panel icon appeared.

Less than three minutes to install. No problem.

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well I have dropbox running but no indicator in the systray.
I have tried the instructions in this AU answer but still to no avail.
Is this perhaps an issue with wayland. The Ubuntu installation is vanilla straight from the installation media.
UPDATE: Using Extension Manager I set Ubuntu Appindicators to ON and notice that by doing so, there is a 3 dot horizontal icon in the systray which accesses the Dropbox functionality but not the stackd 5 box icon usually associated with this application.
So, some progress.

Yes, Dropbox installed correctly on my 22.04 LTS including the icon on the top bar. Don’t know why you have an issue, however, I needed to deregister one device (was obsolete desktop PC) and register the current desktop PC as my Dropbox device quota was full.

Yes, I had to do the same. The incorrect icon persists though.
UPDATE: a reboot has now resolved the icon issue; the correct stacked box icon is now present on the systray in place of the 3 dot horizon icon. Perhaps it was just lurking about in the background but after a while, the icon changes of its accord between the correct one and the 3 horizontal dots so that issue remains unsolved.

Dropbox works for me on Ubuntu 22.04, except that its icon does not properly display in the system tray. I can get the icon to return by using the command line to restart Dropbox:

dropbox stop

dropbox start

The icon returns to the system tray. I seem to have to do this daily.

OTOH on my instance, during the day it constantly switches between the proper icon and the 3 dot icon only to change back again later. It’s inconsistent.

It is because the dropbox daemon ( called dropboxd) is not started automatically when you boot.
You need to use systemd commands to autostart it. I dont know systemd commands. Maybe someone else could help ?

are you saying that Dropbox starts correctly with your system but just, as the OP, the icon transforms to 3 parallel dots?
If is is that Dropbox is not starting with the system on reboot or startup, you need to go to Startup Applications and add Dropbox there with the command dropbox start -i
It should have been set when you first installed the application.

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OK, we dont need systemd, there is a menu for startups

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@nevj if you press the left windows (super) key and start typing “startup applications” you will be presented with the application. You can check to see if dropbox is already entered and what the preferences set are.

Thank you. I am a not experienced with these gui things.
I would have done, on the command line
ps ax | grep dropboxd
to see if it was running
But your way is much easier

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Dropbox does start upon startup. The issue seems more to be with the icon displaying properly in the system tray. It seems to display OK upon a true startup. After a suspend/wake with my laptop, it often appears as the three dots, but sometimes appears as a normal icon.

I’m pretty sure its functionality continues, regardless.

Another note is that when I issue a “dropbox stop” command from the terminal, I receive an warning about its use of isSet():

/usr/bin/dropbox:614: DeprecationWarning: isSet() is deprecated, use is_set() instead
if self.stop_event.isSet(): break

When I issue the command “dropbox start” from the terminal, Dropbox does start, but I receive the following error message:

dropbox: load fq extension ‘/home/richard/.dropbox-dist/dropbox-lnx.x86_64-148.4.4519/PyQt5.QtDBus.cpython-38-x86_64-linux-gnu.so’
Gtk-Message: 09:24:24.912: Failed to load module “xapp-gtk3-module”

(dropbox:93715): LIBDBUSMENU-GLIB-WARNING **: 09:24:25.018: About to Show called on an item wihtout submenus. We’re ignoring it.

Seems to me that Dropbox needs to update their code for Linux, or maybe there’s a problem with Ubuntu 22.04 that needs patching. The most recent version of Dropbox’s Linux code is from 2020, as far as I can tell.

I believe that is more probable although there may be issues with the wayland windowing system. I haven’t tried it with X11 though…

I’m using X11, as I found Wayland flaky with suspend/wake with my Nvidia T1000 card.

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Thanks, yes… just tried it and the icon morphed after a period to 3 dots.
Now trying GNOME Classic…

You have solved it.
The dropbox code is just not keeping up with changes in Ubuntu.
Not much you can do about it.
My dropbox in Debian is even older and it doesnt have an icon. Just use it via command line