Dual boot blitzed by windows 10 update

I yielded to constant reminder messages and did a clean update of Windows 10 to 1903. The process changed the name of my computer and created a new boot file in my boot order list. My dual boot file still exists but it cannot bring up windows. The old windows boot file is also listed but is non-functional. I would prefer not to mess with my linux mint installation. Is there another way to repair this?

Could you please share an image of the boot order?

Thanks for responding.

I read the order from the BIOS of my mother board (Gigabyte Z97X-UD5H). It lists the drives where (I assume) the boot files are located. I adjust this order to boot in windows or linux mint now that

the Dual Boot is non-functional. it is like this;

Option 1 Samsung SSD 960 EVO (this is where Mint is located and the Grub 2)

Option 2 Windows Boot manager P2: ST3250318AS (this is the new address created after the update

Option 3 SATA PS ST3250318AS this is the old windows boot which now does not function

Other Drives are listed but the ones above are the active boot locations.

Install this, then add the NEW Windows entry and remove the old one. This should work.

Hello cmettt.

  1. Did you try Akito’s suggestion? If “YES” and you still have a problem, proceed.
  2. What do you mean by “clean update”?
  3. When you show the order of the drives, you’re talking about the SATA order in the BIOS. Right?
  4. I suppose the BIOS boot disk is the Samsung. Right?

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I no longer use grub customizer as it is impossible to uninstall. The only way to get rid of it is to
restore a backup made prior to its installation.


i just ran through the add ppa, install grub-customizer, open and run grub-customizer, purge grub-customizer, remove ppa cycle in a mint 19.1 vm and there wasn’t anything left of grub-customizer when i was done.


Hi Everyone,

Dreis I did try the boot-loader. I still have the problem
The “clean update” is like an new installation I suppose. I downloaded the update and installed. The automatic update failed repeatedly so I used this method instead. In a Linux installation you can keep your computer ID but with this there were no options it just installed and the changes were made.

Yes, the SATA order in the BIOS is what I am referring to.
The Samsung is the disk that boots Grub. The Mint is located there. Windows is on another drive.

I had similar issues with Grub a year ago when I was building my computer. The solution I ran into was to have the first sata port occupied by Windows. Hope this helps

Hello again cmettt.

Look at this tutorial and try if it can do anything for you:

We’ll wait for your news.

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Thanks much. Regardless this is stuff I think I need to know.