Dual boot install Ubuntu 20.04 lts with window 11 on hp

It doesn’t install to the Windows partition, Ubuntu will shrink the partition and create
the necessary Linux partitions and file system.
#1 restore the unallocated space to Windows (do not use gparted for this use
Windows disk management)
#2 use an external drive and do a system image of Windows
#3 install VirtualBox
#4 practice and learn the Linux install procedure using a Linux VM
This is my advice for @rick1

@4dandl4 ,
Thank you. Rick has already done step #1. He seems to have got that right.
I take it in step #3 you mean put virtualbox in windows

And @rick … Take note. This is a reasonable path to follow, so that you learn how to do an Ubuntu intall without damaging anything. I recommend you take this advice.

Later when you have gained some experience, you might attempt a hard install of Ubuntu.


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Thank you, that is exactly what I mean. There is no telling how many VM I have trashed working
with Linux. For the past 2 years I have been learning and working with Gentoo,and Arch, both
have steep learning curves. I wish @rick1 the best, and if help is needed just do a post.
Good Luck!!!

Sad to say, I have had exactly the same experience as @rick1. I’m not an advanced enough user to do these last steps suggested by 4dandl4 by myself. A detailed HOWTO would be greatly appreciated.
I posted more or less the same question on AskUbuntu forum earlier today

A “HOW_TO” on what?