Dual boot, reinstalling programs to use on Linuxmint

I hope I make this understandable, dual boot system win10 with linuxmint latest version. I want to run a windows program that is already installed in windows on Linuxmint thru PlayonLinux with Wine installed. When I open the program via PonL it wants to reinstall the program back on my C: drive where windows resides. Isn’t this re-install going to mess up the windows install? The program I want to do is StreetSmart Edge.

No the drive C: that PlayonLinux is talking about is a virtual drive c that resides in the virtual file that it will create when you do the install. Windows programs want to see a Drive c to install to. So it make a fake one :slight_smile:

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Thats why I like you guys, your help is much appreciated. As a follow up, you stated PonL installs it on a virtual C: drive, this drive will go away everytime I shut the PC down. I will have to leave the installer exe program available to be reinstalled by PonL everytime I want to run it?

no, It does not go away on reboot. It is found in your home folder under playonlinux and whatever you name the virtual file as when you do the install in POL. It’s there until you uninstall or delete the file.

as a much more knowledgable person would you suggest PlayOnLinux or Crossover as an interface for windows programs?

Play on linux will work with most programs that will run under wine for free Crossover may run more But have never used it so really not in a position to judge. Crossover is not free. That’s about all I can tell you about it. If it were me I’d try Playonlinux first if you programs work it’s free. Good luck.
your other alternative is to run windows in a virtual machine with virtual box. Your Choice.

I acually did try installing StreetSmart Edge via PonL, installed slick but the the program wouldn’t open, keep saying it was already running. Was worth the try. Thank you