Dual boot/single boot boot partition questions

In single boot Hard Disk where Linux is the sole OS,when installing latest version of Linux Mint & selecting Something Else to do manual partitioning,is it still necessary to create boot partitions? /boot partition in BIOS /MBR disk
/boot/efi partition in UEFI/GPT disk

When dualbooting(Windows & Linix) the OS’es share the same boot partition.that is in Uefi/Gpt mode>Efi System Partition /boot/efi
Bios/Mbr mode>System Reserved /boot
The bootloader partitionsize is 100MB whereas the requirement for Linux is 260 to 512MiB…so how to enlarge or is 100MB sufficient?

100Mb will work.
If you want to enlarge it, use gparted and move the partitions around to make space. Do a backup before using gparted.


when installing Linux on a clean disk, you need a bios partition 500MB max, an EFI partition again 500 MB and the boot partition ( better, I would suggest the boot partition 30 GB and a /home parition for all your documents, as large as possible)

  1. The bios-grub partition only needs to be about 1mb
  2. The EFI partition should be the first - at least that is what UEFI spec says. I am not sure this is necessary. Yes 500Mb is ideal.
  3. You call it boot partition, but you really mean root partition, ie the / mount point. Sometimes people make a separate partition for the /boot directory and I think this is normally what people mean by boot partition. It is confusing, to say the least
  4. Having /home on a sepsrate partition is a good idea. It makes backups simpler.

So @ard has it correct. Just some terminology issues