Dumbest error ever - mm/dd/YYYY

This is TOR, latest (based on some build or other of Firefox) running on Ubuntu :

My COMPUTER KNOWS and THINKS that it is 08/03/2022!!!

I’m guessing it’s something to do with how ToR spoofs that I’m not in Australia…

But : My Computer Clock is RIGHT you idiot!


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Just Americans not believing there is anywhere else in the world - they can not even drive on the correct side of the road!

And don’t get me started - allegedly, today is Pi day - 14/03 somehow magically becomes Pi day if you write the date arse about…

I get it, the first two decimal digits of Pi are .14… but what about the rest? :

3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749445923078164062 (and then some more - like nobody knows how many more!)

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Actually, we know very well how many more: ∞ = infinitely many, or to be more precise: ℵ0 digits, with ℵ0 being the smallest transfinite cardinal number, or with less fancy lingo: π has exactly as many digits as there are natural numbers {1,2,3,…}, not more, not less.

And yet, there are a lot of things, we don’t know about π. E.g.: Are there any patterns in the sequence of digits which appear more often, others more seldom, or are there even patterns that don’t exist at all.

From what we know, the digits of π are like a sequence of random numbers. If this is the case, we would find any given finite sequence of numbers with probability 1 if we look far enough. More so: Any such sequence would appear ∞ times.

This is really mind-boggling: If we sequenced the genome of any given person on earth and wrote it down as a series of numbers, we would find it in π. So would be every single work of literature, every science article, every piece of music that has been written and will ever be written in the future, not only once, but infinitely many times.

Infinity is indeed a huge thing, and although we deal with it in mathematics every day, and even with much bigger infinities than the one of the natural numbers, feeling it, is an almost impossible task.


Reminds me of…



My middle school brain hurts… :crazy_face:


Yes but can you give the person a room that is infinitely close to the elevator, ice machine, etc.?



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There’s another Pi day coming up next week - stupid little humans with their pathetic little monkey brains seeing shitty patterns that don’t really exist - anyway 24/03, if written 3.24, is Pi in Hexadecimal :

And yes - I had to use an online calculator, I can, at a pinch, do simple integer maths in hexadecimal, but the whole thing of decimals in hex - mmmm naaaa!

Here it is in octal :


So - if you write dates arse about, i.e. 11/3, then the 11th of March is also “Octal Pi Day”…


Reminded me of this 33 guy here:

Basically, he says some world conspiracy is injecting 33’s everywhere. But not only 33’s, but also 66’s, 99’s, etc… So, basically anything that is REMOTELY close to a 3, is evil. Yes, even triangles are evil and part of the conspiracy.

His assumptions are so broad and extreme, it’s really hard to live one boring normal every day life, without encountering a million 33’s, everywhere… :laughing:

And that reminded me of some old guy (actually a fellow comrade from your beloved home country), who is also a Flerf, who believes that giants pooped on the moon and earth or something like that and that’s why there are craters on earth and the moon.




One of the planet’s greatest crackpots is Australian - Ken Hamm, scammed millions from gullible fools and state legislatures (in the USA) to build a replica of Noah’s ark to “prove” it was possible and feasible, and even has a “diorama” of humans interacting with non-avian dinosaurs, because surely man made dioramas are proof! Ken Hamm even has an Amish style neckbeard to prove he’s a holy man…

Sorry - this is actually an insult to chimpanzees…

We have names for these people in Australia, or wherever they may be - well call them “shitc_nts”, eloquent in its simplicity, just two syllables… It’s probably why most of them become “expats”, e.g. Rupert Murdoch…

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Indeed, heard all about him. Still, I like the one preacher in the USA more, who did the usual morally bad preaching, directed against humans, which do not fit the Christian world view. Then it was made public that he actually was meeting up with a boy escort and he sniffed coke from his butt or something like that.
Best and most honest preacher, ever. :laughing:

And don’t get me started on those TV preachers, more or less saying, that “God” wants the viewers to pay for his private jets, etc… :face_vomiting:

Exactly, what I thought… :rofl:



Damn, I remember the morons always repeating “where can I see the macro evolution”…



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Sometimes Dawkins can be such a dick, a dork, but in this instance, he’s remarkably patient, and respectful of the vapid stupidy of his adversary, I suspect he’s respectful out of sympathy, tolerance.

Dawkins is a great writer, one of my favourites, “Ancestor’s Tale” is one of my favourite works of “popular science”, but he can be an arrogant smug asshole in some things like debates I’ve seen with him…

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I think, that’s just part of the deal. If you are super boring, you probably aren’t a nice guest in a debate situation. Such people are also memorable and that’s what counts in terms of what is shown to a vast audience. The only thing I remember about most candidates, who are pro religion is that they are not memorable. On the other hand, the very few aggressive pricks on the religious side, i.e. Ken Hamm, Kent Hovind (he is pretty much the most popular one, but I simply couldn’t remember his name, because he has become insignificant in the past 10 to 20 years and now even goes as low as “debating” on YouTube channels with a couple of hundred views per video – he definitely is in a deep hole and won’t get out of there, ever), Frank Turek and similar ones are also momerable, because they are aggressive in that sense. They have glorious moments in their own right.
For example, I’ve seen a lot of debates with priests and similar people, but I cannot remember anyone, except the one famous debate Hitchens had with a priesty guy.

Because, that’s where the action was. It was interesting. The others were too mute, too slow, i.e. not memorable.

A glorious moment with Frank Turek:

“You’re saying Hitler was a humanist?”


Still one of my most favourite snippets. It’s really good for sharing it & showing it to other people:

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We seek to lead unbelievers to an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ and to nurture believers in discipleship. Anyone may download, run live and / or install our Christian Linux distribution on most any computer. The C4C Ubuntu user is exposed to God’s Word with several Bible versions, Christian teachings, daily devotionals, Christian videos, games, etc. We pray each C4C Ubuntu ISO downloaded, run live and/or installed will help bring the user(s) to Christ, or closer to God. To the weak I became as weak, that I might gain the weak. I have become all things to all men, that I may by all means save some. 1 Corinthians 9:22 (WEB)


I had a “semi-argument” with someone online once, when they mentioned Yahweh and Linux, something like which distro God would choose, and hinted that God had something to do with GNU/Linux, or something equally ridiculous, and I argued someting along the lines of it being hugely disrespectful of Linus Torvalds, who’s been a lifelong atheist and from a largely atheist country - did not go down well…

Love Christopher Hitchens too, especially his book “God Is Not Great”, and his relentless pursuit of that evil (her hospices refuse even PARACETEMOL to dying patients! [they’re more like inmates]), corrupt fraud and best buddy of murderous tinpot dicators: “Mother Theresa”…


Ricky Gervais is another of my heroes :

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I appreciate Linux, but Linus as a person is a douche bag. The sun does not shine out his ass. He is a jerk and should just keep his mouth shut about 60% of the time. I could care about anyone else’s spiritual beliefs and don’t offer advice or judge.

I find it unfair, to frequently call people “jerks” or whatever for whatever reason. I mean, some people are truly like that, but I’ve seen tons of people being called that, when they are not. They just have trouble communicating. Calling them jerks is more like calling someone sitting in a wheelchair “impolite” for not standing up, when a woman enters the room…

I’m not specifically talking about Linux Torvalds, as I don’t care about what he is saying and that’s why I don’t know much of what he said in his life. I barely listened to anything, he ever said.

However, considering the genius things he achieved in the software world, I would first assume, he has communication problems, as an extremely rational and techy person, because that’s often in our nature. That’s how we are.
Does not mean, he is an outright “jerk”, because of his lack of communication skills. The lack of this soft skill is maybe the price for his extremely high-end hard skills…

That said, I’ve heard a couple of years ago, that he actually apologised already for sounding like a jerk, sometimes. So, this makes it additionally unfair to again beat a horse for not speaking, when the reason it is not speaking is maybe because it’s not able to speak. Who knows. I don’t know, but I don’t like to assume the worst of people, by default.

I like to assume the positive interpretation of when people do something.
It’s the usual USA (land of the unfree) way to always assume the worst of people. Basically, most people in the US assume, that the average Joe is evil and just wants to kill everyone. This is the reason why gun laws are so permissive in most of the USA.

I wish, that people start thinking better of others. I especially wish for US Americans to not assume that everyone who puts their hand into their jacket or bag is pulling out a gun to shoot anyone…

RIP to everyone who died because of this shit.


I’m pretty sure all that stuff about a code of conduct amongst the kernel developers, was Linus himself, agreeing he’d been unpleasant and almost nasty, agreeing to insist on respectful discussion, instead of intolerant tirades (i.e. it would probably never have happened if Linus himself refused). I’m sure some of his attitude is because he’s somewhere on the high-functioning autism spectrum, as I’m sure I am (never been diagnosed, but my eldest daughter is very similar to me, and she has been diagnosed with autism, as an adult) - although I wouldn’t place myelf in Torvalds’ lofty pinnacle of genius.

Note: I think he’s still kinda the “benevolent dictator” of the kernel, as I’ve seen stuff he’s done recently that’s possibly come across as “terse” - like banning some kernel code that Intel wanted included, he didn’t pull any punches…

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