DXVK in Lutris for Windows Game

When I run Everquest F2P in lutris it fails to retrieve DXVK 1.9.4L-2 and exits.
Upon running in debug mode, lutris is trying to get it from here:
The problem is that at https://github.com/lutris/dxvk/ there isn’t a sub-directory called “releases”
so the attempt fails. Ok, I’ve submitted this information to lutris.
The ticket has been viewed 57 times but no response.
How does lutris do updates? Periodic? As needed?
Does anyone have any suggestions of how to work around this?
Any other way to run Everquest F2P on linux?
I’m running mxlinux 19.2 64-bit with an AMD processor.
The version of lutris that I’m running is amd64 and is the latest available.

That’s not a problem. It ain’t a directory.

However, the requested G-Zip file still does not exist at the requested link. The reason for that is, that the maintainer seems to have switched to an XZ archive, without updating the link to that one.

This should be the link:


You could explain that issue to the maintainer and if I assessed the issue correctly, he will definitely take care of that.

Thank you! As you said, changing the link from .gz to .xz enabled access to the file.
I’ll contact the maintainer of lutris with this information.
I’m a bit confused by the path. What I’m equating it to is the use of a link in the server’s file system.


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Not in this case. In this case it redirects to the “Releases” section and picks whatever release is further provided in the same path.