/e/ Cloud Storage

Not sure what the point is with this new service, except /e/ making another huge pile of cash. We have already tons of providers with all kinds of plans and possibilities. And, most importantly, as long as you are keeping your data on someone else’s computer, it’s almost as unsafe as keeping it in Google Drive. The only exception is, when the provider can prove to you, that all that stuff is E2E encrypted, which means everything is encrypted and decrypted locally on your computer and the provider never sees any exploitable data.
This naturally implies, that if you lose your private keys, you will lose all your data.

Alternatives, I frequently recommend, because I personally love to use them:

  • Cryptomator
    Keeps data safe on any cloud, by encrypting everything locally, adding an additional layer of security to your cloud storage.
    The provider will never see your data unencrypted.
  • MEGA
    My favourite cloud storage provider, because of the product’s features, the open source clients that work on Linux, etc. and because of a big focus on privacy, like e.g. E2E encryption and more.

However, any cloud storage providing E2E encryption should be enough, if you want that extra security. Make sure the official client provided by the provider is open source or, if it is not, make sure it is compatible with RClone.


Personally I don’t use any ‘cloud based’ services and prefer to back up anything important on an old style spinny hard drive. Longer read time isn’t an issue and price very low for a new drive. Anything you store ‘in the cloud’ becomes someone else’s ‘property if you stop paying for the service.
I just don’t trust businesses to ‘do the right thing’.
Case in point, Photobucket had 1Gb free storage for several years then decided to give all users 24 hrs notice that they were going to charge $400 a year for 25Gb with very few options that didn’t involve even more money.
Any ‘service’ could do the same. It’s convenient if you have stuff you want to distribute but I don’t have a business or need ‘offline’ distribution’