E-Ink mobile device support

I see lots of discussions about eco development in the internet and the future of the internet and looking for a mobile device with e-ink display running some linux system.

The main problem with all those devices (UTouch, Plasma Mobile) is they run obsollete mobile devices which are not suitable for eco friendly development. Just few years ahead there will be no centralized power grids, no internet. Devices will be only connected between each other (decentralised net) and the powered mostly from sun. So any LCD displays are not suitable.

I was looking at “Onyx BOOX Nova3 Color” but it runs on android.

Is there any option for having linux distribution on e-ink mobile device?

All currently supported devices can be thrown to the trash.

Time is running out.

If we look at the Africa, most of the people use cell phones instead of LCD smartphones not just because of price, but also because of lack of electricity in villages. There is no point to charge your phone which will last 24 hours only. They used to travel to the town to charge their phones ones per week.