E-Mail Relay Service from DuckDuckGo

I’ve read something about that on DuckDuckGo. Then I forgot about it and now I was reminded of it by this article.

Does any of you remember services like AkaPost?

Sadly, those great services were pretty short lived. You could use your normal every day mail and all its features and still be a bit more protected than without using such a relay service.

DuckDuckGo is not bad and it is good compared to Google. However, do I trust them?
I do not trust any company as a consumer and this includes DuckDuckGo.

I doubt they will stay as nice and helpful, if they grow beyond a certain too-big-to-fail threshold.

That said, I still need to emphasize:

If you have the choice between using any Google service and using DuckDuckGo, then of course you should prefer DuckDuckGo over Google!

Oh my god, I just searched for that service and, I got that amazing message (service unavailable) at the top of the site.

So, I’ll be waiting for Duckduckgo’s service currently.

By the way, what was your experience with Akapost?

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It was pretty great. This was a long time ago. I only had like 1 or 2 e-mail addresses. With AkaPost, I could artifically “duplicate” my e-mail addresses, without actually using more than my very few ones. Additionally, I could revoke all the aliases any time, so if one was misused, I just turned it off.

E-Mail aliases are built into normal addresses now too, but the problem, for example with Google Mail’s aliases is, that a human can still see your real e-mail address, when using an alias. However, when using a 3rd party service like AkaPost, nobody knows, what real e-mail address hides behind that proxy.

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