Eclipse is in Dev menu on Mint but purge does not find it

I am giving up on trying to install EPIC-eclipse (too old to waste time) and want to purge it. BUT when I try, I am told it doesn’t exist or And it doesn’t show up with dpkg --list. I know it’s in /opt. Anyone have any ideas? I just want to be rid of it. Thanks.

If it is in opt, it probably means that you manually installed Eclipse by copying all the files in the /opt directory. You probably also made some desktop entry for it so that it shows up in the menu.

Is that the case? What is the content of the Eclipse directory in /opt ? You may remove this directory on your own.

Thanks so much for your reply – but I have given up. I just cannot believe that something so useful to programmers and web designers does not have an easily findable set of WORKING instructions for installation in Mint. I purged everything. (And, BTW 's not just me – there are a lot of people having trouble with the EPIC-eclipse install.) I cannot believe that I managed to sort out the Broadcom/Realtek wireless chipset and get it working on my HP laptop and then not be able to install a popular editor setup for perl. Grrrrr.

Anyway – you are still the best, and I thank you for all your work!!

Would you install it if there was a proper tutorial out?

I found these resources:

Yes - have the EPIC user guide. Not only would I Install it, I would even change my linux distro to any distro that had accurate instructions for installing it. One of the issues I never found clear information about was the install of the necessary Java versions… And all the myriad directions I read never agreed on one location for the install. A real rat’s nest as far as I could tell; I tried four sets of instructions.

Did you erase the at the time current installation before proceeding to the next installation?

I always attempt to do that no matter what I am installing – however, in this one there were jasvas installs and then the EPIC installer stuff – so things may well have been missed – I know for a fact that the eclipse icon in the Mint dev menu is still there and I couldn’t get rid of it. ASnd on any attempt it never did show up as installed in the Synaptic pkg manager. So had to resort to means other than “mark for removal”.