Email Client, that "WORKS"!

Any-one answer, I require an email Client, that can connect to! Thunderbird, Evolution, FAIL every-time, and I really want to remove myself, from Google!

If you are using kde version, then kmail is very tweak able for most things. Can’t promise it will work :crossed_fingers:

First of all, I recommend that you use a better free alternative, like e.g.

Secondly, it’s not the E-Mail Client that does not work, but something is wrong with the provider. Thunderbird exists for seemingly an eternity and it works great for tons of providers. So, your provider is at fault or something is wrong with your configuration.


I could not find any set up guide regarding this service. But, according to some community posts, it worked for some people.

If you bought the IMAP or POP3 E-Mail solution from them, then you should perhaps ask at their forum for an instruction page, telling you what settings to choose exactly.

If you already have an instruction page available, please show it, by posting the link or screenshots.
Then, please show how you configured that mail address in your E-Mail client (Thunderbird), so we can check, if the configuration is executed in the same way as requested in Thunderbird.