English/Dutch version Deepin Turned Chinese after installing QQ application

I ownloaded Deepin English (from a dutch TU-site)
The downlaod worked well and I was very and even very happy when I saw the possibilities of Deepin.
The moment I hit to install QQ sudenly all the software changed into Chinses
also Firefox.
Whatever I tried I was not able to create an English Deepin.
Please help.


Hans Minekus
The Netherlands

Hello Hans,

I am making this message a public thread first because that’s how the questions should be asked.

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My best guess is that the application asked you to set/change the language.

Perhaps reconfiguring the locales could help.

Open a terminal and enter the following command:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales

This will open a window and ask you to choose the language of your operating system.

I think this should be enough to set the correct language.


Dear Abhishek,

At first thank you for the answer.
I would like to ask you the following.
I am Dutch and speak English rather fluent also.
The change of the language is just about the QQ and QQ-messengers. There I give the lessons in English as a volunteer.
I do not speak, let alone write Chinese.
Was your answer just about using inside the English/Dutch system-language?
Or are you talking about a total change of the language.
Please, answer, after years of trying I need help now.
Thank you on forehand,


Hans Minekus

Hello Hans,

“The change of the language is just about the QQ and QQ-messengers.”

I am a bit confused here. When you mentioned in your message:

“sudenly all the software changed into Chinses
also Firefox”

I thought the entire system, all the applications, everything changed to Chinese language.

Is this not the case?


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Hello again from a new/maybe even no-bee in Holland.
I am so sorry to trouble you again with this answer.
Of course you are right.
But in fact I was using Deepin, (I stopped using it now), because this distro seemed to be the solution for my problems concerning the language.
I was able to install the Dutch language.
However after a few activities suddenly everything changed in the Chinese language.
I was trying to get either the Dutch or the English language back, but that did not work.
I was talking about this with one of the students in the class and he told it was just meant for China.
In your review/announcement of this distro I had the impression that one could use it in whatever language.

After that I use ubuntu bungie now, which looks nice.
But of course now again the QQ/YY-language problem.
That was in fact the second reason I mailed you.

By the way I was also trying to use MX-Linux.
I had the impression that this distro acted better with Wine than Bungie.
Is here anyone who was talking about this with you?

Thank you so much for answering my dubious mails.

Regards from a grey country today.


Good morning from a ““sun-away-today”” country.

Thank you so much for the help.

Wish you the best and please stay healthy

Hans Minekus

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