Enjoyed your book. Amazon rejected my review. :(

I enjoyed your book. Unfortunately, Amazon rejected my review. I’ll try it again, but thank you for the book.

Thank you for submitting a customer review on Amazon. After carefully reviewing your submission, your review could not be posted to the website. While we appreciate your time and comments…

My revew:

Short and sweet, more doing than reading, ie, the ideal way to learn bash
Sylain Leroux takes an excellent approach to teaching bash. And it is fun to work through the challenges. I think everyone working through this book will learn something, even experienced bashers…

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Concise, well-written review. Seems like the Amazon editor is lacking in reading skills.

Was this your first review?

I think it may have been my first review.

I always try to leave feedback for 3rd party sellers, especially if positive, but I think feedback and reviews are different things.

Do they have hoops to jump through before a purchaser is allowed to review a book?

It’s just logical behaviour if you are monitoring new customers more than old ones. You don’t know new customers and that’s why you have to double check their intentions and actions. I’m sure, if your account were older or if you would’ve written a lot of reviews, then you would have no problem leaving a review like that.

Hello Dan,

Thanks for taking time to review the book. Amazon probably is trying to stop fake reviews (there are way too many fake reviews) and incorrectly flagged your review through some sort of automated system.

While I cannot do anything on that part, I can surely appreciate the time and effort you invested in the review.

Thank you :slight_smile: