Error fsyncing/closing/dev/sdc1: remote I/O error

Want to format external 250gb Seagate USB drive so I can use it to copy Document,pictures, etc from windows and (home folder from Linux). This is a drive that has it’s on power supply (if that matters)…
If, possible would like to have 2 partitions on it (One for Linux and One for Windows. Anyone have a tutorial in mind, or can walk me through it? Any help appreciated. I have tried several things from reading but, still have not been able to complete the task.

Could you explain in detail what exactly you are trying to do and what exactly is happening? Ideally also provide screenshots.

Thanks for responding, been hectic around home for the past several days sorry I have not already replied.
I found out that my Seagate 250GB external drive has given up the ghost, (quit working) had to purchase another external hard drive to clear my problem.Thanks for the offer to help me.This problem has been solved