Error while installing popos in my secondary pc

Hey its foss community,
I am trying to download popos on my secondary laptop but it is throwing some error nad not booting in it can you guys please help me in solving it…

I assume, you’re trying to install the distribution PopOS, not to download an app called “popos”…

At what point of the installation do these errors occur?

It would be helpful, if you described step by step what you did and what happened.

Have you made sure, you downloaded the correct installation medium from

Have you checked the integrity of your download?
Have you ever installed another Linux distribution on this machine?
What kind of machine is it?
Have you removed the installation medium before this error occurred?

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I Am trying to install pop os (distro)
Yes i downloaded Manajro linux before on this pc
And this is not after installation this is Before installation
I used balena etcher to make bootable iso and Boot it from that pendrive after the option of try pop os where code runs to test system this error of above Screenshot came

I was never very much into live versions, so this is not really my area of expertise, but as I see it, Pop has problems with writing to files to your pendrive.

Failing to update /var/run/utmp where the run levels are stored is one hint in that direction, the EXT4-fs error messages, another one.

My wild guess is: the ISO file has errors. If I were you, I would download it again and check the integrity with the provided SHA256 sum.