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I am sure that this is one of the most useful sites on the web for Linux-users; it certainly is for me, and I’m very grateful for it.
I am writing to ask what add-ons the community feel are essential to assure privacy whilst not interfering with easy use of a browser. At the moment I use the latest Firefox, and I have installed a good many add-ons. These include ad blocker ultimate, HTTPS everywhere, Last pass, privacy badger, manage Java script, strict pop-up blocker, decentraleyes, disconnect, smart HTTPs, and Duck Duck Go privacy essentials. In addition I have a couple not related to privacy, such as dark background and world radio.
My toolbar is lighted up like a beacon, and I expect some of these duplicate functions and others may be unnecessary.
Privacy is very important to me as a matter of principle, and I do my best to avoid such giants as Amazon, social media, and google. I wonder what are the minimum add-ons I should have to maintain privacy?

Scroll down to browser extensions. These speed up your browser while keeping your privacy, at the same time. Tracking and ads use a lot of bandwith and power, so using these extensions is good for speed & privacy, simultaneously.


Saler bit
Change your linux systèm and use
Tails on a sub stick when you want to be totally private and then use tor browser

But if that is not ideal and want to browse in your normal Linux version ditch Firefox and again go for tor

You could also try a vpn but there are many to choose from some free others you pay for

That’s a really bad recommendation. You should only use these tools in special cases, not for normal browsing, as it interferes heavily with the usually easy usage of a browser.

Additionally, this kind of privacy does not make sense for normal browsing, anyway. If you would browse with the Tor Browser and also log into YouTube and IT’S FOSS, then what’s the point of the browser, if you show your identity by logging into sites, anyway…

Therefore, your recommendation is really really bad.

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Only bad in your opinion
It answer the question
But sets another … why you need to be secret
Or use tools which track in other ways

It does not answer the question.

  1. The question was about add-ons, not entire operating systems or browsers.
  1. I already explained with arguments why it is not an opinion. Your recommendation is objectively bad for the question at hand.
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I appreciate the help and hope not to start an argument. With respect to why I need to be secret, I think that was dealt with in my initial query: I don’t NEED to be secret, but I want to be, as I don’t think what I do on the web is the business of anyone else, especially when gathered information can be used in nefarious ways. As for the second part of that, I’d be interested to know what tools I am using that can ‘track in other ways’’, so that I can stop using them.
Thanks once again for the responses.

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Another tip I can give you is to uninstall all browser extensions, that aren’t absolutely necessary. Every extension adds up to the chance of there being loop holes implanted into your browser. (Yes, ironically the privacy extensions are only extensions, too, after all…)

Thanks Akito. Your advice is to uninstall all browser extensions that aren’t absolutely necessary. That was the essence of my query: which extensions are absolutely necessary?

OK here’s another answer that doesn’t answer the question: You might be interested in

The ones I describe in my post, which you can see when you click the link I posted here first.

I apologize Akito. When I ticked on the link in your first comment, I noticed it was for Windows 10, and given my dislike of Microsoft, I simply switched off. Had I read to the end, I would have seen your suggestions. Thank you.

I am fascinated, mister_bludgeon, by your suggestion. Many years ago, perhaps 10, I sent money for a freedom box start-up, but I heard nothing afterwards. I assume this is the end result, and I’m very pleased to know about it. I wonder if you have used it and your opinion of it.

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I can fully understand your reaction! :laughing:

yeah, they – the guys whose project it is – talk about it as though it were the greatest invention since sliced bread. It’s definitely exciting and laudable work. I found some rough edges when I tried it a year or so ago, then suddenly support for my Raspberry Pi was totally broken, so I gave up for now. but they continue developing it and it’s worth a look. the reason I mentioned it is that Freedombox provides Privoxy, a powerful tool where privacy is concerned, but kind of tricky to learn.

Freedombox in my opinion is one of those things that could change the world if enough people adopted it – kind of like dual-key encryption. If everyone everywhere always used industrial-strength encryption it would put the NSA out of business. But it’s not easy and convenient enough for most normal people.

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Thanks very much for the information and your comments about Freedombox. I am going to look further into it. I am glad that my start-up contribution led to something of this kind.

Think that you already use too many extensions, eating a lot RAM and cpu cycles
but recommend only a skipper ( search the name correct for your FF :smiley: )