Examples of great Feedback

I wanted to point out to everyone the effort and systematic approach @nevj applies to his OS usage.

This is a great example of how feedback should work; if you have a complaint about a DE or OS (or anything), why not create a document, which exactly explains what you have tried to do and what your problem is with it?

It’s great to see such an amazing example of feedback. Thank you, @nevj.

I would recommend anyone, who has feedback to share, to follow the approach displayed in the link above.
You don’t have to use/know Latex or anything, I am mainly talking about the structured, transparent and constructive approach, which is fundamental to the way it is done in this example.
You also don’t need to know any Git! You can use the Github Web UI to create files, edit them, etc. without knowing a single Git command.
So, let’s do it!

I wish more people would understand, that communication is key and, especially when we do not meet in real life, it’s important to explain things as detailed and understandable as possible.

The document having detailed feedback regarding KDE:

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@Akito ,
Thank you for nice words

What happened to the pdf file, it displayed raw?


Actually, I was equally impressed, as I am with @nevj’s contributions to this forum in general.

I’ve been rather quiet here lately, but I still keep an eye on what’s happening, and I must say: it is very pleasing to see this community is evolving.


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Can I warn anyone who wants to follow the link, github will not automatically display the pdf file, you have to press the download button, then it offers choice of view or download.

Thank you Mina


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It perhaps depends on the browser and other factors. In my case, it renders fine within Github.

I think it depends on size of pdf file and how busy they are, and maybe , as you say, the browser. It is inconsistent for me.