Exercise in "Changing Directories in Linux Terminal"

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“Type ls / in the terminal and press enter. It will show you the content of the root directory. Try it.”

I try it and get; “bash: /: Is a directory”

You were dyslexic Howard, i tried it

$ / ls
bash: /: Is a directory           


$ ls /

works .
I do it all the time, very frustrating.

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I have to “cd /” and then do “ls”. “ls /” just displays content where as “cd /” changes directory and “ls”
will then display the content. I was trying to use “rm -rf” but could not until I did the “cd /”.

LMAO! Thanks for the help on just a simple thing.

I read it as type “in /”. When it was Type ls /.
Next time I will try to look a little closer. And maybe " around the command would have help me.

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Oh, I see I (uppercase i) and l(lowercase l) look the same. Cant we get a better font?

Note what @4dandl4 says - being in the directory is different

I changed the text to highlight the command. It should be a bit better now @easyt50