External MP3 player

I bought an brand new SanDisk Clip + sport player and the player will not be mount on Xubuntu 14.04 and 20.04.
It only starts up when I restart the computer ans is than visible on the desktop.
I can see de player in gnome disk utility but no possibility to mount.
The MSC mode is not present, only MTP.
Now I’m looking for a plug&player for U buntu.
SanDisk is not respondig on my problem.
Can anyone recommend a brand that works spotless with Xubuntu

I have the same brand and it mounts every time in Mint, Ubuntu Maté and Ubuntu Gnome. Whenever I had an issue, the way I cleared it up was to plug it in after the OS was completely loaded, and not to boot up with the device plugged in. I also found that it mounts when I choose to send (copy) a file to it. For example, it is in the list of “places”, but the icon won’t appear on the desktop until I want to send files to it.

Thank you for your support. Your advice does’n work for me.
Before booting or after booting it never shows up. G-parted does’nt see it, Gnome utilities does’nt see it. I quit.

Go into the Disks utility and set up mounting preferences.

I already did, But the mounting preferences are gray/off.

run the command, sudo gnome-disks Set your preferences. If it won’t let you, it doesn’t see you as “owner” of the directories.(at least this was my issue) I then reinstall. I have tried to fix ownership, it’s a pain in the butt and it doesn’t really “fix” it when I got it to work. I then had issues with USB devices after spending hours trying to fix it.

I notice that pollewops referenced Xubuntu 14.04 and 20.04. Perhaps testing with a current version is indicated?

Problem solved: I contact the manufactory: no solution. So I destroyed the player and I’m using now my smartphone :slight_smile: