'Extract here' disappeared in context menu of Nemo in Linux Mint 19

I installed a Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon freshly on a friend’s notebook.
Everything went fine some weeks, now he calls and says, he can’t extract files in the filemanager anymore.
He brought me the notebook and I had a look at it.
I found that the menu item ‘extract here’ somehow disappeared from the context menu.
(when right clicking on a .tar.gz or .rar).
I couldn’t figure out yet, what he’d done to have this issue.
I setup a new Linux Mint 19 in a virtual machine and it worked fine. Context menu there, no problem.
I never had such a problem myself, so he must have done some messing around with the menu, right?
Maybe someone can give me a hint where to look for a solution.

Thanks, Fast Edi

I usually just do deb.files as I had the same problem. I went here to get the answer to it. I don’t really have the experience to try all the things it says, but you might make sense of it than me : https://community.linuxmint.com/tutorial/view/1525 Hope it helps

Install nemo-fileroller. It is back.

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Hi there.
This is not exactly the problem he’s facing.
.deb files work fine here.
The thing is about archives, that cannot be extracted via ‘Extract here’ in the context menu of Nemo.
But thanks anyway for your answer.

That’s okay, I thought that page might help or you could get an answer from there if not. Hope he gets an answer and it can be shared here as it might help others.

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Use the terminal :slight_smile:
cd /directory of file compacted
from folder give the command: tar -vzxf filename .tar.gz
and the file is unpacked, making other folder with the same name
PS: For .rar files, you must to install with the command : sudo apt get install unrar.

Thanks for your suggestion.
If this was my concern, I would propably do it so.
But I can’t advice a novice-just-from-windows-migrated user to use the terminal for such a task (yet).
I think the fileroller suggestion will do the trick, but he is on a vacation and can’t test it.