Facebook Security broken

Hi I don’t know if others have caught this news yet, but it seems Facebook accounts have been hacked tonight, early reports suggest over 50 million - Just thought I’d post this as the advice is to change the passwords as soon as possible


From a Threatpost article:

Facebook on Friday said that hackers have exploited a flaw in its platform that left the access tokens of almost 50 million Facebook accounts ripe for the taking.

I may be wrong, but I just logged out and then back in, maybe that doesn’t reset the “access token.”

I can’t believe so many people still use (get used by FB) Facebook. It’s out of hand intrusive.


even though i haven’t used fb in a while, i think i understand why people still feel the need to be connected in some such fashion. beyond that, data breaches and even downright betrayal of trust in the digital world does seem a bit far removed once the story makes its way out of the news cycle. not saying i don’t like what they do. just that i get why for some people it doesn’t hit home as hard :slight_smile:

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From what I can see, the hack was limited to people who are logged in, suggesting that it is a session hack rather than an account hack. FB have said that the password remain secure - so simply logging out and in again is a sufficient workaround. (They did the obvious thing and logged everyone out.)


Yes they seem to have been quite quick on this, but the UK government has asked for an investigation on how and why it happened and is calling them in to talk to them from what I understand. While they say there is no need to change your password, I personally have done so as it had been a long time since I had last done it and as a precaution - better safe than sorry. I

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…better yet, quit using fb altogether! YOU can Live without it.


Well, yes, we see here the attention to security displayed by the planet’s biggest social media - in a word, poor. But the real scandal is that Facebook exists to scoop up all your data, and all your friends’ and family’s data, and then commercialise it into saleable information for literally anyone willing to pay for it - anyone from insurance salemen to political hacks who want to manipulate our votes (think Cambridge Analytica, and many others). Deleting Facebook was one of the smarter things I did a couple of years ago.

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A lot of replies here thanks. I think most people know of problems with facebook, but many of us still use to contact friends and family particularly if they live far away or we are disabled or elderly. We must never lose sight of the good that social media does and let’s face it nothing is perfect. Personally I shall continue to use it and twitter, because I enjoy the interactions and friend connections that I might not otherwise have.