Failed to install Zorin OS Linux. Help Please

i want to install linux zorin os and i got this error,i already do whatever i can but i still cant fix it,pls help me im a newbie user that want to use linux

Would you mind telling us at what stage of the installation you ran into this error?

Otherwise, we won’t be able to help you.

Perhaps, you can look at this excellent video about ZorinOS and avoid some of the pitfalls:


If you actually want to fix this, you need to provide tons more information than you are providing now, because else we won’t be able to help you help yourself.

That said, the log you show strongly suggests a hardware error. It basically seems like your storage medium is broken and can’t be read without letting readers stumble over a ton of errors.

If you can, post the output of smartctl commands, here in this thread.


First, Unk. Welcome to the club.
Second, both Mina and Akito are superb sources of information BUT, keep in mind even Michelangelo started with a rock. So, the more information about what system you’re installing on and what you did up to the point you got stopped would help.
All this is necessary due to the HUGE number of systems and distros out there.

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Replace pendrive, then press any key to continue?
Do you have a HUB? Is it powered externally, or just draws power from the port?
Do you plug a high power drive (such as external USB HDD) into a non-powered HUB?