Fastboot for flashing phone

Hi Guys,
Have been away for some time on the e foundation website.
Bought an eS7 from them but returned it due to privacy concerns with microG.
Thinking of flashing another OS onto old unused moto-g and have enabled USB dev.
There are more opinions than you can shake a stick at regarding fastboot and how to install it.
However on this rarely used Dell Latitude E6420 dual boot Win10 with ubuntu 16.04 LTS I found that in the Software Centre there is Android Fastboot Tool listed but the developer is google. Alternative perhaps at GitHub is owned by MSoft.
Has anyone successfully used this Android Fastboot Tool from the repository?

No, not this under GNU/Linux.
I have worked with fastboot a lot of times under Windows, because I had some phones to flash, that didn’t want to work at all with GNU/Linux.
But I’m pretty sure, we’re talking of the same set of tools here.

Up to now, I had no issues with fastboot.
Unlocked bootloaders, transfered images of recovery and LineageOS,
Which motoG is it?
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Thanks @Fast.Edi Edgar,
None of these - it is older moto-g perhaps 7 years X1032
It is old and not used so not too bad if I end up with a brick!
Hopefully along the way I might learn a little and end my fear?
Could you have a look in your safe repository and just see if there are any tools in there?
Do you think I should try LineageOS first? Not impressed with microG security.
Do not want any Social Media apps. Laptop with Live Tails plus Tor.
(Just bought two Faraday bags for phones and keys - Disklabs)
kind regards - Andy