Favorite Linux Distribution for Gaming

Considering that you can game on most of the popular Linux distributions. What do you think is a recent favorite among Linux users?

I think Pop!_OS can be a good choice. Feel free to share your thoughts :slight_smile:


Because of Linux’s vast amount of different environments, they are all good at gaming. In my honest opinion the lighter the OS the better. Also if you’re going to game on Linux through Steam make sure you have a nice 2TB spare hard drive to install all your games on. Format it to NTFS as I give Windblows it’s due NTFS
(New Tech Filing System, though not that new.) Reads better especially on either a SSD hybrid or a SSD. XFCE environment is my choice for gaming on, it isn’t as bloated as some other environments.

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My friend uses Kubuntu only, for everything, including a lot of games. So seems to be a good fitting gaming distribution.

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Good suggestion! Thanks!

Interesting to know that! :slight_smile:

If I were to recommend a distro for someone who recently took “the red pil” …I would recommend anyone of the *buntus (most likely Ubuntu or Xubuntu). They are by far one of the easiest distros to get help with and find solutions when needed.

Otherwise I would recommend Manjaro, because of it being a rolling release distro witch stays current with kernels, drivers and apps. Witch in general is what you want, in order to get the most out of your hardware and gaming.

You can of course stay fairly current with software in *buntu to, but it requires a little more interventions from the user, in general.


Fair enough! Thank you for the insights!

I think i like mint for gaming, i dont game that much but for times i game its doing great

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Gaming on Linux recently posted an article :


One of my favourite Linux news sites - maybe level peg with It’s FOSS for most visited Linux / OSS website…

TL;DR: they suggested Ubuntu - and I concur, I mostly only game on my desktop machine with NVidia GTX1650 (I say “only” - in that I don’t usually game on my laptops, because Intel GPU kinda sucks for decent gaming), and run Ubuntu 20.04 - and no dramas… Steam, Proton, Lutris - mostly flawless. But the machine’s getting a bit long in the tooth (circa 2010/2011 AMD Phenon II X6 with 16 GB DDR3) tomorrow’s payday - going to order a new AM4 AMD motherboard (X570 chipset, either Asus or MSI), 1 TB samsung M2 storage, and a desktop case… then following payday (monthly pay sucks!) probably a Ryzen 5000 series CPU (might have come down in price after a month)… already got 4 x 4 GB DDR4 (bought by mistake ~3 years ago)… So this time mid Feb could be rocking completely new hardware… Maybe March I might order 2x16 GB DDR4 - and run with 40 GB of RAM… I might game on this PC - but - when I’m working from home - it’s my main “work machine” too…

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