Fedora with Gnome 40 is good - can KDE be easily run on it?

Just don’t like Gnome at all!

Found this tutorial for Ubuntu, but what about Fedora?

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Just run this:

sudo dnf install @kde-desktop

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Thanks! Will give it a shot! :wink:

Find the sound quality is quite good on Fedora with Gnome 40.

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One more thing. I faced a problem when I installed KDE: I can’t control audio. For that, run this, and you can start exploring :slight_smile:

sudo dnf install pulseaudio pavucontrol

Sorry for late reply… doesn’t Fedora now have new audio system?
Thought they abandoned PulseAudio.

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Pipewire is Fedora’s PulseAudio replacement:

Also found a Plasma iteration via that link:

So, i think i’ll give that a try instead.

Thanks for posting just the same bud!

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I don’t know, but when I installed Fedora 33 and installed KDE separately (without knowing about Fedora spins), I had problems with audio. I can’t control audio. So I installed pulseaudio, and solved the problem.

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KDE is nice, but feels a lot like a beta.
Sound quality is very good, but i think i’ll wait for stable iteration.

KDE is actually very stable.


At least three times it took to update and that many times had to reset external monitor manually as default after reboot. Then it would never shutdown… Another time it froze with only Firefox open.
What else was there?

This is odd, 'cause Gnome didn’t give me any such problems.

Maybe i should install KDE over Gnome as Pranav did? :upside_down_face:

Very true. I’ve experienced this…

Yes bro, I recently installed Fedora 34 Silverblue (as usual, with the slowest Desktop Environment called GNOME 40), and installed KDE over it.

I didn’t get the audio problem this time. I don’t think you need to install Pulseaudio :slight_smile:

You also have the option of using KDE spin of Fedora, which gives more control over your system.

Best example:
When I installed KDE over GNOME in Fedora 34, I can’t control display resolution or audio devices (just one such example). But, when you use KDE spin of Fedora, you get all the controls right at the KDE system settings itself.

Man don’t install fedora with kde I had installed it when I was on my kde hunt , whole workspace started flashing opening and closing automatically no driver , sound etc . If you have a old hardware it will definitely crash with fedora kde but if u have a newer system it might work well :hugs:

My computer is 15 years old. And, I’ve found a solution:

Changing the display Compositor to XRender from OpenGL 2.0

Fedora 34 Silverblue crashed on me twice now.
It will not install.

Download Workstation or KDE spin now? that is the question.
The latter of which could not keep the external monitor as default.

Took the long road…
Installed Gnome 40 (Fedora 34) then installed KDE with sudo command you suggested.
There is no option to set an external monitor as default when in Wayland.
Went over to X11 and there it was! Wow!

Now let’s see how this baby goes!

Please don’t use Silverblue, I tried to install it for 3 days (for which I was continuously trying to install it). I had to erase my whole disk to install it. More than that, rpm-ostree was much slower.

Removed Silverblue finally, and replaced it with KDE spin of Fedora, which I’d recommend for you :slight_smile: