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@abhishek I post the feedback here, so everyone can see it.

So far, everything seems fine. I have only found very minor issues and small details that are not perfect.

For example, the colour contrast on the login and password reset page is very bad. It’s hard to read what is shown. The password is also not obfuscated.

It was also a bit confusing, that the Bash course was made by Ahmed Alkabary, but the course articles were all created by Abhishek, so it always looked liked he had written the articles, not the original author.

Additionally, after enrolling in a course, it’s not clear where to click, to actually start the course. It’s not intuitive to be forced to click on the first lesson. There should be a big START button somewhere, in the top and middle of the screen.

There are also a couple of inconsistencies. For example, in the Nano course, the first quiz just records all your answers, that’s it. But the second quiz shows, which answer is wrong and which is right, during the quiz. I think all quizzes should display the same behaviour.

It’s also a bit confusing, that, to complete a lesson with a quiz, you have to again press on the quiz title. It would be a much better UX approach, to replace the Mark Complete button with something like Take Quiz, so you don’t have to click the title to get to the quiz.

My account was also enrolled in the Ubuntu course by default and I don’t know why. I didn’t do that.

This page, this page and multiple other pages in the Ubuntu course are empty. It seems like the course is not finished, yet.

The experience was at time a bit sluggish. Recording of quiz answers takes a couple of seconds (which is very long in UX time) and finishing the course takes a couple of seconds, too. It’s bearable, but it can definitely be better.

I like about the design, that it’s inspired by Udemy. I think their UX is pretty good. This project seems like it is trying to be a very lightweight and minimalist Udemy, which I deem welcome.

All in all, a satisfying experience. The downsides I mentioned will probably be fixed until release, I assume. They are also no big deal and do not break the core experience. Well, except the empty Ubuntu course, perhaps.

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Thanks for your feedback.

The authorship issue will be handled soon.

Some of the UX issues are limited to the LearnDash LMS used in the backend.

That Ubuntu course is indeed not complete yet. I am still working on it.

I’ll try to fix other issues and inconsistencies you have mentioned.