Filezilla 3.60.1 not available for snap or apt

Filezilla 3.60.1 is the latest (currently July,2022) version and is available for Windows from their website. I do not see any apt or snap repositories for it.
The Linux (debian) version seems to only come in a zip file, that unzips into 3 folders- bin, lib and share.

How can we use these folders to install Filezilla on Ubuntu?

This is the way I would do it.

curl -fsSLo filezilla.tar.bz2
tar -xjf filezilla.tar.bz2
sudo mv filezilla/ /usr/bin/filezilla
sudo nano /etc/bash.bashrc
# Add the following line to the file.
export PATH="${PATH}:/usr/bin/filezilla/bin"
# Press CTRL+X
# Press Y
source /etc/bash.bashrc && source ~/.bashrc
rm filezilla.tar.bz2
# Use Filezilla
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Think about whether you really need to have the latest version.
The version that installs as a package in Ubuntu is probably quite adequate, and it is more likely to be compatable with the rest of your system

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Sooner or later I’ll get around to doing the above. Unless someone creates a snap or apt out of it first!
But I took the lazy man’s solution:
I just copied the unzipped 3.60.1 folders into my home directory and invoked the filezilla-dot-bin from there.
So far it seems to work OK. But I still have not czeched to see if it fixes my problem yet.