Find commercial ubuntu repair services in India

I wish to fix a problem on my Ubuntu desktop. How do I find someone who would fix it for me?
( either remotely or on-site)

How Do I find such a person?

Most of the Linux sites are to help you how to solve the problem on your own. I don’t really have time for it.

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You might check out your local university’s students’ job exchange. Surely, some computer science student will be able to help you.

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My university does not have a job exchange site. Neither Ubuntu nor Linux is that popular in my country

Can you please tell us, what is actual problem, in short. If possible.

That may be true, however if you are on a university in the capital, then you’ll probably find someone who will fix it for a couple of rupees.

Just explain the problem to us, we’ll try to solve it for you :slight_smile:

We’re here to solve people’s problems.

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I’d say, we are here to help people help themselves. :wink:


That was superb :clap::clap::clap::clap:

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Rather than finding Commercial Support
You must try to gain experience yourself it would save bucks of money,time rather than finding commercial support
which takes time to fix .

Keep on learning you can do it by yourself
Nothing is impossible

Why is this community built ??
To help you out in any kind of problem.
And of course Google search is there to resolve your problems for free

Excuse me, but this is utter nonsense: For most people, a computer is a utility, like a toaster, a microwave, a car or a phone.

You don’t need to make it a hobby or a profession. Overall, a Linux system is easier to maintain than a Windows system, so using it makes total sense, especially for a person who doesn’t want to get involved too deeply with its internal affairs. So, the question for commercial support is, in my opinion, totally valid.

After all, life time is the most valuable resource we have.


I’m preaching this all the time. Every minute you save in your life und using it for doing something that actually matters in your life, is invaluable.


Yes I agree with you
But I also wanted to add that knowing troubleshooting will help to save bucks of money .

Im trying to say that the more familiar you’re with the more knowledge you have and there are also free resources available such as Google to help you out with that issue .

Im not saying that it should be a profession
I know Linux systems are easy to use and maintain .

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This thread… :wink: :grin: :ok_hand:t3: :+1:t3: