Firefox noisy, makes cpu fan work all the time

LMDE3 has been a true blessing for me on a generally noisy HP EliteBook 6460p
Windows 10 had helped but not as much as i would like (Windows Search is probably great culprit).
Slimjet on LMDE3 barely ever makes the cpu fan load (except with Youtube videos or similar).
But Firefox on LMDE3 just doesn’t stop loading that cpu fan.
Anyway to improve this for Firefox?

I think firefox load the cpu op , and generate a lot of head , the same phenomenon I have in linux mint in multi tap opening , it seams it is possible to make the load lower in the settings from firefox you can google it … o sorry duck duck it
regards lars

What exactly am i supposed to DDG it for?

make the load on the cpu and ram lower , so tweak firefox .

how to make firefox using less resources in linux xx

regards lars

So, there’s no easy solution to this.
Whatever extension was available to check trouble-making ones is no longer compatible with Quantum.
And who has the time to test one extension at a time when you have about 30 installed?
You can’t even touch hardware acceleration via normal options anymore.

Tisk, tisk Mozilla!

The solution to the same problem with an HP laptop was to take it apart and clean all the dust out of the fan and surrounding area. There are likely Youtube videos for your HP model. Delaying the repair will put the whole system in jeopardy. It turns out HP has a reputation for over heating. Installing Psencor, is a graphical hardware temperature monitor for Linux @ may help diagnose the issue. ItsFOSS recommended it some time ago.

I have a Chromebook Pixel running GalliumOS, and Chromium browser has the same problem when it loads web pages with videos, even small ad videos. The advice I get is to pull the CPU off and redo the thermal compound, since it’s 4 years old.

Following up on prankardblll’s tip, have double checked to make sure all the dust is gone.
It makes a huge difference for sure!

On machines with intel processors installing the tlp daemons and thermald have been a blessing. Thermad won’t work on amd processors though, and tlp isn’t quite cutting it (especially with the new google mail scheme). I’m still looking for a workaround for amd, but tlp and thermald work for me with intel chips.

Running Q4OS KDE at present time and it is quiet as a new laptop.
This confirms that it is a Windows thing.
Both 7 and 10 have always been constantly loud while most Linux distros i dual boot with are much quieter.
So far, this Q4OS is among the most quiet.

Try using PaleMoon by moonchild productions. It’s a fork of Firefox, but less memory intensive. Most Firefox plugins will work with it. Link to Palemoon