Firmware upgrade error in PoP!_OS

Myself Hrishikesh…
I just moved from Manjaro to Pop.
When I opened the firmware section in the Settings app, it showed that an update is available for the firmware, so I clicked update but it always shows this error:- ‘error in fwupd client: calling Install method failed: Blocked executable in the ESP, ensure grub and shim are up to date: /media/root/9C22-EC20/efi/boot/bootx64.efi Authenticode checksum [007f4c95125713b112093e21663e2d23e3c1ae9ce4b5de0d58a297332336a2d8] is present in dbx’

I am also sending a screenshot if needed for reference:

Please help me go fix this…Its ok if u give terminal commands as I know a bit of em!
Thanks in Advance!
Happy Diwali!

Hi @TypeHrishi
It looks like your system is not fully up to date.
You should do what in Debian are called an update and an upgrade. Then retry the firmware update.

It is quite common for an upgrade of one package to fail if the entire system is not fully up to date



I have already ran the update and upgrade commands at least 10 times.
I have also installed 3-4 more apps but they were installed perfectly!
Any other issues do u think r causing this?


See this screenshot if needed

What is shim? Is it up to date? Is it part of the package system?

Could you test if your package system is working? Maybe install some small app, then delete it. We need to eliminate package system issues.

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Good news!
I was installing Audacity.
But, I have a habit of running the update and upgrade command after every install…so I did it and there was 1 update available of something called tzone[ it stands for timezone I guess].
So, I updated it when I checked the firmware upgrade after that… it worked!!
I guessed when audacity was installed…it made the system recognise the tzone update.

So after all, the update and upgrade is the only solution…thus marking your first reply to the post as the solution!


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