Florence Nightingale

It is her Feast day today. She died 13th Aug 1910.
Most of us know the ‘Lady with the Lamp’ story and her nursing service in the Crimean War, but how many of us are aware that she was an accomplished

She was a pioneer in the public presentation of statistical data, she made innovative use of pie-charts and histograms… things we take for granted today.
To quote Wikipedia

" Nightingale was a pioneer in statistics; she represented her analysis in graphical forms to ease drawing conclusions and actionables from data. She is famous for usage of the polar area diagram, also called the Nightingale rose diagram, equivalent to a modern circular histogram. This diagram is still regularly used in data visualisation."

" Nightingale was elected the first female member of the Royal Statistical Society.[80] In 1874 she became an honorary member of the American Statistical Association.[81]"

She used her statistical skills to argue for improved hygiene control in hospitals.

It is important to acknowledge someone who had the rare combination of technical skills and caring.




Thank you @nevj for that history lesson!!!


Nightingale wards still exists in most UK hospitals


I thought her combination of technical skills and caring might be a usefull model for itsFOSS forum.
What would @abhishek think?
We might use her image for an icon or something?


This is interesting. I knew her only as the lady with the lamp. Didn’t know about her technical skills.

How do you propose we use her image?

I can see 2 places

  • on the main page… next to the Community Forum button, there is an icon… I think it is currently a spin
  • on the Forum pages, at the top left there is the menu, then ITS FOSS Community… you could put a picture next to that.

I wonder whether people would get the meaning of the symbolic picture? What do you think?
Use the most commonly recognised picture, not the one I used. Maybe even a drawing. It needs to be simple.

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It would be better if we popularize such legends around their birth anniversaries. Like I add a tech trivia each week in the newsletter, I could also see if I could somehow add a ‘today we remember’ sort of section on It’s FOSS website.

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Agree. I was concerned no-one would recognise a symbol.
I think your idea is better.
Will keep an eye out for other candidates.


Being a history buff, I like that idea a lot. Newsletter and Today we Remember.