Folding@home, at home, even when I'm not home (and trying to write a 15 char Topic Name and keep typing anyway)

I must be chewing through power, 'cause both my Ubuntu 18.04.4 machine are whining away on their CPU and case and GPU fans…

Took a few days to actually get it using the GPU… (only got it working couple hours ago)

I found out about this through website, which I follow on facebook (just like I follow @Abishek and It’sFoss on facebook)…

Anyway here’s what I had to do to get GPU and CUDA doing datasets, as well as my CPU cores :

Get the binaries : :
I used wget, my favouritest download manager :smiley:

for F in "fahclient_7.5.1_amd64.deb fahcontrol_7.5.1-1_all.deb fahviewer_7.5.1_amd64.deb"

(RPM family under Ubuntu/Debian download section)
Install 'em :

sudo dpkg -i fahclient_7.5.1_amd64.deb

(and/or the rest - they’re handy for troubleshooting)

If you want GPU/CUDA folding - probably best to go with the Proprietary drivers, but there’s other stuff you need (I installed nvidia-390 from “Additional Drivers” in “Software & Updates” (this is the only time I use the GUI software installer - otherwise I just use “apt install” or “dpkg -i”) as well, like libcuda and opencl :

sudo apt install ocl-icd-libopencl libcuda1-384 ocl-icd-opencl-dev

(note : libcuda1-384 seems to work just fine with nvidia-390)… however the “final” piece of the puzzle that got me cooking with gpu’s, was “ocl-icd-opencl-dev”… also someone had to reboot to get the libcuda1 bit working… I rebooted anyway…

One thing I was never able to resolve, was remotely looking at the Web Control interface (i…e from another computer), it’s “locked down” to, and even when I change that to 0/0 or, it still spits back “401 HTTP UNAUTHORIZED /”

My workaround, is to tunnel X over SSH and run firefox “remote”…

e.g. one of my machines (built it on Saturday morning, Ubuntu 18.04 fresh install, Quad Core AMD cpu, Quadro2000 GPU) I’ve called “fachinell”, and I run ahavi “everywhere”, so I can just

╭─x@whymir ~  
╰─➤  ssh -X fahcinell.local
╭─x@fahcinell ~  
╰─➤  echo $DISPLAY

And in there, I just run

╭─x@fahcinell ~  
╰─➤  firefox -new-window http://localhost:7396 &

Overall their doco and readmes aint that helpful, most of what I “learned” was from other websites like reddit et cetera.

Anyway - only one of mine (leftmost) is actually working on Covid-19, but at least its the hex-core one with 768 CUDAs (GTX650Ti-OC) :

I read another article (maybe from Hackaday, or some other Linux/OSS group) that the distributed computing power of the folding@home network has now outpaced not just IBM Summit, but ALL the top 7 supercomputers of the world, combined!

update - I don’t think that CoronaVirus folding job is actually Covid-19, it’s CoronaVirus-Sars (I think Covid-19 is CoronaVirus-Sars2) - but it’s all useful stuff for the boffins in white lab coats, I reckon, and related, knowing about SARS helps them know more about Covid-19…


My GTX650Ti is now actually working on Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2), but my Hex Core Phenom (i.e. my CPU and GPU are doing different work sets) is working on something else (Project 14400 - myosin simulation)…

And the GPU heat generated is acceptable (not as hot as my RPi4 was running before I got it a heatsink case with fan)…

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