Forensic FOSSers Meet the A-Team

Hey all Fossers come and meet the forensics team, half hour drive from our house.
They can settle any digital dispute and validate any claims or uncover any false statements to standards required by courts of law and governments too. This is their bread and butter.

Check out their YT videos too for an eye opener…

Should any business or home user have any doubts about any tests or wild claims about mega RAM or “Then I wonder who will win the game after all, when Trisquel will be the slowest in productivity” or suchlike these guys will sort it without breaking into a sweat. This great company from where I buy my Faraday gear has, as you can see every type of computer and equipment to test on or extract from. It would be so easy to send them a Trisquel, PCLinuxOS, MintOS or other image or download address and ask to install on whatever.
No need for me to buy a high-grade gaming machine either as they have plenty of kit so please Akito forward number of cpus and total RAM and I will ask this team to install Trisquel - no problemo :slightly_smiling_face: Akito just for you :kissing_heart: just to help you and get your test done… :wink:
Hey I can then ask them to compare efficiency with my old, sorry ancient 32 bit NVIDIA 3D CAD box you seem so frightened of - forensic init :crazy_face: like init :wink:
When restrictions allow I could deliver my hardware and OSs intact to their premises for verification and or efficacy.
The FsF and gnu use such companies for…
about 500 hits for “court” search on gnu org

Forensic - An exercise in debate; a forensic contest; an argumentative thesis.
Forensic Fo*ren"sic, a. [L. forensis, fr. forum a public place, market place. See Forum.] Belonging to courts of judicature or to public discussion and debate; used in legal proceedings, or in public discussions: argumentative; rhetorical; as, forensic eloquence or disputes.