Fortran f77 do in Fedora 38

program compiler fortran 77 use in fedora 38
Please teach me
What do you to use command ?
show detail
invalid parameter ???.f
/usr/bin/f77 unexpected null argument

What’s mean to this?
Please tell me details
I’m confused.

People can help you help yourself, but they cannot think for you.

It is nice to hear from someone using Fortran
I do not use Fedora. When I use Fortran in Debian, I use gcc or gfortran not f77. I think,they might be the same.

It seems you are using the wrong option flag with the f77 command.
You should read the man page
man f77
and study the options.

When I last used f77 it used to be something like
f77 -o outputfile programname.f
Most people compiling Fortran use a Makefile. Have a look at that. It is more convenient, especially if you have a large program to compile.


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thanks, a lot of useful ARIGATOU

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