FOSS note taking and todo-list app

I was looking for a app that could sync between linux and android.

Hi @Cawemo,
Have you heard about Joplin?
It may not be what you are looking for but it’s a very good “App”

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As @Tech_JA mentioned, Joplin is probably the best free and open-source note taking app you’ll find. It’s also a true foss Evernote alternative.

I was also working on a list of foss note taking apps, I’ll share the link here when it gets published :smiley:

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Same person, different account @Tech_JA @Ankush_Das Awesome! But is it on F-droid can’t seem to find it?

I use Google Play to install Joplin


If it helps at all, the list that I was working on has been published for a while now. You should be looking at the options with cross-platform support if needed.


good to see Tomboy on the list… I used to swear by that - but it stopped working on Windows 8/10 or there-a-bouts (syncing to my Dropbox)… I might have to revisit it… last time I opened it (last six months or so) and re-sync’d it to my Dropbox Tomboy folder - it worked! Might have to try it on Windows - because much as I hate it - I have to use it - sometimes, for my job…

Had a nightmare week this where some management POS kept rejecting my timesheets - for weeks back, over the most anal trivial details, and I was struggling to remember what I’d done “weeks back” - so decided to keep a journal and started using Microsoft One Note, in Windows and via the web version I can easily run inside Chrome on Linux… and making a mental note to self : don’t be so service oriented, if someone asks you for something, ask them for a ticket number AND a BILLABLE PROJECT CODE!

it would probably be okay if this POS was respectful and pleasant, but he’s ALWAYS confrontational and accusatory about EVERYTHING and generally what many Aussies of my generation would describe using the “c” bomb, i.e. a four letter word describing a part of female anatomy… :smiley: