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Could we keep to Open Source. I am not interested in 401k retirement plan of anybody. Neither am I intersted in political opinions of Linux users. Please do not turm this forum into a political arena. We are here for technical debates, or are we not?

I’m not interested in 401k either. So I ingore those posts.
I recommend you ignore them too :smiley:
Most of us here have a common point: we are involved with Linux in some way. This is the forming base of this community.
Agree with you: I wouldn’t love to read about politics in a GIMP topic.
But talking about non-technical stuff, get to know each others point of view doesn’t hurt IMO.
In fact it helps get out of the bubble :smiley:
As long as it doesn’t turn into flame-war and of course it doesn’t flood, for me it’s completely OK to discuss about anything, be it Obama vs Trump vs Biden, or covid, or BLM movement, etc.
Just don’t read if you aren’t interested.

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I’ll second this the topic was about linux mint forums, I know the poster posted his opinions about political things , but let keep it to the subject of open source.

As far as I can see, 99% of the posts in this forum are tech related. Even the topic of the incriminated thread started as a Linux related topic. At some point, the discussion admittedly went a bit too far, myself being not entirely innocent of this event, but changes of subjects are pretty common when people talk to each other, so let’s not get our knickers too wet about this issue.

On the other hand, if I ever got the impression that posts in this forum got censored for other reasons than spamming or personal insults, I’d be leaving it instantly.

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Here is the solution to your problem.

Since you also hate these “political” discussions where people are just complaining about stuff unnecessarily, I will do you a favor and close this thread, since you ironically opened a political discussion about not opening political discussions in this forum. Congratulations.

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