Free shit for those who always think two steps backward

Not sure about you, but over the years I’ve seen too many people always asking for free shit on the internet. Just because people do not understand how the internet works and that behind every “cloud”, every server, every service, every software is, in the end, just someone else’s computer.

People want free games.
People want free e-mail.
People want free cloud storage.
People want free social media.
People want free shit, all the time.

Just because you neither may touch the cloud (or whatever service you want from the internet), nor are able to eat it, does not mean people do not exist that maintain that stuff and need to get paid for you to be able to use that in the first place.

People do not get that. They simply refuse to understand and frankly, are willingly ignorant to those facts. They do not want to know. They just want free shit.

So they got free shit.

“Free” mobile games, that are so infamous, because of how dishonest and monetarily gruesome they are. They are taking the piss out of every consumer of those games. Every single one, not even the ones who pay. But especially the ones, who pay, obviously.

“Free” E-Mail, like Google Mail, Yahoo Mail, all the ISP mails, Microsoft (Outlook), etc. All the companies you want reading all the e-mails you ever receive or send to, whether they are private or public.

“Free” cloud storage, that serve you with unlimited ads everywhere and limiting your cloud storage to such a small amount, that it’s pretty much normal to either pay or have several different accounts at different or even the same provider.

“Free” social media, where literally all the pictures, documents and files you upload to are officially & legally changing the owner to the operator of the social media website (This is literally the case with Facebook. When you sign up, you sign a contract waving off any of your rights to all your uploads, including pictures and all your uploaded data. You literally gift all the rights to all your family photos to Facebook.). Not to mention the infnite bombardment by extremely targeting ads, even predicting your pregnancy (Facebook does this since so many years.).

“Free” whatever online service.

You want a “free” VPS?

Here, a “free” VPS.

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