Free (with ads) Lego Movie on youtube Black Friday only


someone posted this on reddit earlier and i just finished watching it, so i know it is true. they show a few ads (3 or 4 that i can remember) for the second movie during the viewing, but they only lasted about 15 seconds or so. i liked it and wanted to share :slight_smile:

edit: just realized that link is from my watch later list. let me know if it doesn’t work and i will do my best to source a vanilla yt link. i think i fixed it…


Says video is unavailable…


The day is over. . . . . .


my apologies. i should have said in the post that it was just for friday.


You actually said it in the title and to me it was very clear.


Yeah, I must have had a brain fart and didn’t notice that part… :stuck_out_tongue:


i did change the title today to say “black friday only” because i wanted to make sure it was clear from there on out. before it just said “today”. i realized when i posted it late in the day that it didn’t give people a whole lot of time to also take advantage. that was just when i finished watching and thought it would be fun to share :slight_smile:


“Today” is still “today”, though. It’s clear once the post date is checked.


for the record, free (ad-supported, mostly older) movies are apparently something youtube is trying out in general:

just watched the terminator to make sure it was real and it was. i counted 10 or so ads that only lasted 10 or 15 seconds so it wasn’t like those seemingly interminable ad stretches that accompany old movie re-runs on tv. not bad all in all.


@cordx… I watched a few days ago “John Wick” for *free,

but even though the title said John Wick… and the screen capture was K. Reeves… it wasn’t, and it had some French term associated with it " En Ligne VF" Translation: On Line VF
what ever that is…

then today,
John Wick2 also *free… WOW ! What a movie! ( if you like rumble, tumble, shoot’em ups, like in “The Matrix”)


i seem to recall watching john wick (it must have been on in the background) once upon a time. i will have to try and remember to check your link out later. i have been getting my free movie fix from the library lately. it had slipped my mind that youtube had been offering some.


JW3 wasn’t either… what a rip. Some trolls think they can advertise their site by getting people to click on what looks like a good movie…

So the only one that was what it advertised was #2.
Hey… How far from Sealy are you??


i haven’t been out that way in a forever or so. open street map says it is about 150 miles out.


OK then you must be near the Austin area ??