Frequently disconnecting Dell Bluetooth wireless mouse in Ubuntu 18.04.5

I also happened to get appended to the fairly large number of new Linux users who seem to have confronted the cited problem. I have spent considerable time going through their experiences on this Forum and elsewhere too. A good number of options suggested as likely solutions to resolve the above issue were studied and tried, after installing the bluez and blueman packages and updating them, but I am back to square one. The Dell Bluetooth wireless mouse still keeps on disconnecting, and doesn’t stay connected, particularly after pauses and work breaks. Given below is the snapshot from the Bluetooth Manager:

How do I resolve the error? Any suggestions please?

Does the same device work fine on other computers?

Unfortunately, I don’t have the leverage and the option of testing the device on any other computer as of now, as I have only one Dell laptop.

Have you tried using a wired mouse?

For the purposes of testing, I provisionally arranged 2 mice - both Microsoft - one old PS/2 -wired ;and another new M1000 - wireless. Surprisingly, both the Microsoft mice are working normally without getting disconnected. What surprises me is - why a Dell wireless BT mouse not staying connected in a Dell laptop? I am unable to figure out. Any thoughts?

With Dell, I am not surprised!!!

Had similar issues recently with Ubuntu 20.04 on a desktop machine with a Targus Bluetooth USB dongle… it (Microsoft Surface Mouse) would pair sometimes, but not stay paired for very long (I suspect it was unpairing when it [the mouse] went to “sleep” or power save mode) and hardly ever got it to pair again…

Eventually gave up on it (I always keep a wired USB mouse plugged in)…

Then I tried to pair it again using “bluetoothctl” CLI terminal application - and - it paired - and have not since had it unpair (2-3 months now)… it still goes to “sleep” but a quick wiggle and it comes alive and stays paired…

I nearly shelled out for miniPCIe + BT adaptor setup… but bluetoothctl solved my issue…

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Meanwhile, I experimented with Logitech BT adapter and Logitech wireless mouse, by installing the Solaar daniel.pavel software. The Logitech mouse functioning was erratic. I then upgraded the software to the ppa version Solaar-unifying/stable for trials, and the performance worsened; so uninstalled the latter and reverted back to the former software. As I have still not found a solution to the frequently disconnecting Dell mouse on a Dell laptop, I am provisionally using Logitech mouse with Solaar daniel.pavel software. To my mind, appears to be a Blueman z issue, but unable to confirm. Any inputs on the issue?