"Fuck your privacy" - still the motto of some website operators

Your politics did something good for once, which lead to better rights for the affected citizens? Well, fuck you, we don’t care about your rights. Give us everything about you and don’t forget to log into Facebook, Twitter, etc…

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There is always a consequence to forcing an action. Always.

I have read this 3 times now…but I still don’t really understand it.

The EU introduced GDPR in 2016 and website operators, software publishers and other related people had 2 years to adopt the new privacy laws resulting from the GDPR. So, since 2018 those laws are enforced and you, for example, need to give the website visitor the chance to turn off all tracking/marketing/bullshit cookies. However, there are many other restrictions that come with GDPR. In my opinion, great restrictions, as the user has more privacy freedom because of them. Whoever is living e.g. in the USA, has no choice, no freedom. They are forced to be marketed like a swine to sell.

So, if a website decides to not follow GDPR, they are legally obligated to stop serving the web page to EU visitors. In turn this means, they want ALL visitors to be forced into being marketed, without giving the visitors a chance to opt out of tracking cookies, etc.

Which means, the website operator does not care about GDPR and therefore does not care about consumer and a part of human rights.




@Akito This Byju is known for stealing and collecting user data for their own business and they track on everything …
It tracks your usage patterns so that they can create a profile of particular student .
Here is the article on the same


In India people don’t care about privacy .They think privacy is some sort of joke going on …


In the U.S., the EARN IT ACT is back…"Eliminating Abusive and Rampant Neglect of Interactive Technologies Act of 2022 :rofl:
Allegedly to reduce child sexual abuse material posted to the interwebs :male_detective: :female_detective:
Anybody need a bridge? Cheap, just for you!!

Anything and everything will be put through a “scanning software”: cloud, photos, post of anykind. Sites will be legally responsible for anything posted by anyone.
More to the point is to basically move down the path of making encryption illegal.
In depth info here:
[The EARN IT Act Is Back, and It’s More Dangerous Than Ever | Center for Internet and Society]

Indeed, got the mail, as well.

I’m so happy to not being forced to be a citizen of the land of the unfree.

Remember when they made internet unfree years ago? I will never forget.

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