Full Feature word processor other than one with Ubuntu 18.4

I looked this A.M.at the word processor that came with Unbutu 18.4, Libre-Office, I think, I was trying to determine what file formats it would read and write to and I wasn’t successful. It looks like it will cut and close PDF’s. bit that’s all I could find.

Is there a word processor for Ubuntu that is close to MS WORD and / or Corel’s WordPerfect, both of which can import and save in a bunch of different formats. I don’t have a copy of MS WORD, but I do have the latest version of WordPerfect2020.

Reason for asking: All of he following is taking place in Windows 10 and I have 32gig of ram and 2t of external hard disk I am working with.

I have about 1,600 replies to Comments over many years that are in YAHOO email. I have a file exporter + conversion pkg that will export and convert to several different file formats. It does a good job, I think, doing an export and conversion. But, when I try to get WordPerfect to import them, either a couple at a time or more, WordPerfect will not cooperate at all. It’s been speculated that something in the export out of YAHOO is going bad or is getting corrupted. However, when I look at any file with file viewer, the screen is perfect, PLUS the hyperlink works to open Firefox, find the Comment on the News site and display it as if I was still looking at it in YAHOO!

Any ideas or suggestions are most welcome and thanks.

Libre Office is conversant with .odf, .doc, .rtf, to name a few. It is completely compatible with all Office formats and programs with the minor exceptions of a few Excel formulas and some aspects of Power Point. It’s not particularly adept with Access, but very few folks use that to any degree. Try opening any document you like with Writer or check the Save As entry for a complete format list.
I gave up on Microsoft in favor of Open Office/Libre Office when I retired 15 years ago and am completely satisfied with it.

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It’s true that LibreOffice is very close to MS-Office and it is pretty good at importing/exporting from MS-Office formats. As far as the import filters go, AbiWord is perhaps slightly better. It’s also pretty light weight.

If I wanted to import mails from Yahoo, I’d rather use a mail client than a word processor. Mozilla Thunderbird does the job perfectly. I have a Yahoo account, too and it works perfectly. There’s also an import/export addOn that will help you to export your messages to a word processor.


You should be able to use Libre-office it opens most file formats. What is the file format that Yahoo exports the messages in?

Thank you all for your replies. I will give it a try out.


Do I need to be in Ubuntu to go and download that add on or can I do it from windows 10?



You download Thunderbird addons directly from within the app. Menu: Tools -> Addons -> … So, the OS (Linux or Windows) doesn’t matter.


Thank you, sounds like the best bet is to be in the WP in Ubuntu.