Garuda does it have a live version?

Does Garuda have a live version ? I would like to see it in action before a full install.

Yes, it has. Just checked.

What version ? Im leaning towards XFCE - Cinnamon - Architect, the rest i dont like.

That’s entirely up to you, my friend. I would always go for KDE…

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So they all have a live option - Correct ? The feature i really want is just to right click and create a text document or a folder on the desktop as well as a standard layout - everything on the left side out of site unless i click menu or add to the panel at the bottom, throw in some useful features-packages that Debian don`t have.

I think the best way to get what you really want is to try everything and then decide from your experiences.

I tried that already but did end up at Debian.
Deb is OK but can be a bit unstable and is bloated with games etc. that i dont need. Ubuntu ruined my last system so if it dont have a live test version i wont even try it, but want the specific 2 features i mentioned along with being fully functional specifically with CAPTCHA, some Linux distros wont work with the image ones like Ebay`s CAPTCHA. I just tried MX and it would not work with it, the images would not display so it could not be completed so no access to ebay.

No idea what kind of Debian you tried out, but this is the exact opposite of what Debian really is. :smiley:

@C.J Totally off topic, but it seems to me, you have Backticks ` confused with apostrophes on your keyboard which screws up the layout of your posts.

Do that in, say, Perl or another scripting language and the results can very surprising. :wink:

Debian 10.6 from the official site / download from Debian site.
It has stuff on it i don`t want like games etc. like i said i only need the meat no fat ?

No idea of what a BackTicks is…It looks like a apostrophe to me in a text editor with larger text…No overly concerned about it…I only want results - answers to questions not concerned about anything else.

Plain normal Debian is so slim, the biggest issue you may often run into is having some basics you would expect not installed.

The only way I can explain your situation is that you downloaded the DVD version with lots of preinstalled software. However, normal Debian has only the most necessary stuff. It does not have any extras. It does not even have LibreOffice, etc, not to mention games or anything like that.


` is different from ’

The former one formats the text and makes your posts look weird.

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Don`t know why but it look OK in a text editor on my end.

Yes, because this website is doing the formatting, not a text editor.

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So where can i get it at ? Can you provide the exact link ?

Then it`s a site problem.

No, it’s not a site problem. It’s on purpose using a markup language. For example HTML is a markup language, too. If you now write commands without <> then your HTML will break. Then it is no error with HTML, but with your use of HTML.
Same applies to posts here. When you use special key letters when posting, then it’s a wrongful use of Markdown, if you are using backticks as apostrophes.

Only using the keyboard not HTML.

Is this on the Debian site as it has some URL text that seems out of place.
Will this work with a DVD i don`t have any CD drive.