Gentoo Live ISO

Gentoo has released an ISO using KDE Plasma for the desktop. Been awhile
since Gentoo ha had a live GUI to work with. May have to give it a go.

@4dandl4 ,
That is interesting. It looks just like the KDE I recently installed in Void linux. Must be the very latest release of KDE.

You might find it is only the base part of KDE. That is what happened when I added the KDE metapackage. A lot of KDE stuff did not load.
I had to add other packages.

If I were to use this to install Gentoo, I would install the Mate DE, really do not care for KDE.
The live ISO will let one mount the Gentoo install and copy and paste the commands from
the Gentoo wiki, saves a lot of typo errors.

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I have been hoping that Gentoo might make a comeback.
This could be the start of a revival.
It only takes a few modifications to make it more user friendly in the install phase